Interview Skills (Online)

This is a 3-hour online workshop.

Rates are €25 for members and €35 for non-members. This training is offered to OHNI members first and any remaining positions will then be available to non-members.

This interactive workshop focuses on developing the key skills required to conduct the best possible oral history interview. Following on from our introductory workshops, this training explores the relationship between interviewer and interviewee, examining the practicalities of the before, during, and after stages of oral history interviewing.

Starting with pre-interview planning we discuss decision making around who to interview, how to contact interviewees and how to develop an interview structure, before moving on to the interview itself considering how to ask questions, listen actively, and interpret responses. The final section investigates the interviewer / interviewee relationship after the recording is complete and discusses various approaches and considerations in relation to the sharing and publication of people’s interviews.

Date: Friday 11 February 2022

Time: 2 – 5pm

Training Outline

Part One           Introduction

Part Two           Getting to know your interviewee

Part Three        The interview

Part Four          After the interview

Part Five           Conclusion and Q&A

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