Our Objectives

The Oral History Network of Ireland brings together oral history practitioners for the support and promotion of the discipline of oral history in Ireland.

Our aims include offering advice and support, encouraging new and existing projects to allow oral historians to communicate on a national level, sharing experiences and ideas, and discussing standards in practice and relevant technologies. We provide information about the creation, management and preservation of oral history collections. 


  • To create a formal network for the community of oral historians and collectors of oral testimony in Ireland

  • To provide a forum through which our members can share resources and information, and advance the discussion of oral history in Ireland

  • To promote the value, relevance and inter-disciplinarity of oral history and to raise its profile in Ireland

  • To organise an annual conference and other events in which oral history practitioners have the opportunity to present and discuss their own work and learn from each other and from invited speakers
  • To use our website as a resource for Network members and anyone interested in the collection, preservation and storage of oral heritage

  • To advocate for inclusion of oral heritage and history in protective legislation such as the Heritage Act

  • To be actively involved in archiving initiatives by promoting best practice and long term sustainability of voice archives