Echoes of the Decade Oral History Project, Donegal County Council

The Echoes of Decade Project was a joint project with the Donegal County Archives and the Donegal County Museum. The project was funded by Peace IV and the SEUPB and focused on the Decade of Centenaries (1912-23). It includes oral history interviews with twelve individuals from across Donegal on the significance of the revolutionary years to themselves, their parents and grandparents, and the effects these events had on their lives in subsequent years, and in their own lifetime.

The project aims were to gather new perspectives and previously unheard stories relating to the Revolutionary Period in Donegal and to create awareness of Donegal’s shared and diverse history. The interviews were conducted remotely by oral historian Regina Fitzpatrick, during the Covid 19 pandemic. The audio recordings and interview summary will be available in Summer 2021 at Donegal County Archives (